Safer Gambling Week 2021 Underway

Posted on 21 April 2023

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Safer Gambling Week 2021 began Monday, with companies, operators and staff from across iGaming coming together in support of responsible gambling in the UK and Ireland. The aim is to increase awareness about:

  • How to Gambling More Safely
  • Tools that Help People to Gamble More Safely
  • Sources of Advice and Support

The campaign, originally known as Responsible Gambling Week, runs from November 1 – 7 and is backed by the Betting and Gaming Council, BACTA and the Bingo Association. Since its introduction in 2017, the event has steadily gained momentum. Last year, despite COVID restrictions, Safer Gambling Week posts on social media attracted more than 19 million views, while the event website saw an 18% increase in traffic.

Land-based venues and iGaming websites already provide tools as well as information about safer gambling. These will be far more visible during SG Week with bricks-and-mortar establishments promoting the cause through posters, leaflets and banners. Gambling websites will be displaying pop-up ads and banners to further drive home the message, while social media channels such as Facebook will be lending their support by promoting key messages.

Key Messages in Safer Gambling Week 2021

As described in more depth on BNBS and WDW Bingo, the four key messages for players in Safer Gambling Week 2021 are:

  • Set your Limits for Time and Money
  • Spend Only What You Can Afford
  • Be Mindful of the Tools Available to Help You Gamble More Safely
  • Gambling Shouldn’t Interfere with Your Personal Relationships

Visit the Safer Gambling Website for more information.

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