Sue Dawson Panellist on Big Betting Balagan Podcast

Sue Dawson Appears as a Panellist on the Big Betting Balagan Podcast to discuss current developments in the online bingo vertical.

21st April 2023

Following up from her appearance at the Affiliate Insider Summit and the Aleyda Solis podcast, Sue Dawson recently served as a panellist on Big Betting Balagan’s 45th podcast: “Eyes Down for a Bingo Special”.

The podcast was hosted by industry veterans Dan Phillips and Lee Richards. Joining Sue on the panel was Angus Nisbet of Playtech and Play Ojo’s Andrew Steady. Up for discussion was the global online bingo industry, a subject with which Sue is rather familiar!

Looming regulatory changes and consolidation within the industry were among the topics discussed. Here are some extracts:

Lee Richardson:

What do you think is the likely impact (of the new regulations) for bingo?

Sue Dawson:

I’m slightly worried about stake limits because what if the stake limits are per game? Some of the bingo games have got a really high maximum ticket purchase and there are undoubtedly some people who do max out, so if you cut the stake limit and it’s per game and not per ticket is that going to be a problem?

On the other hand, bingo players gambling, or not even gambling as they see it as entertainment -that is a much more sustainable demographic than people that are gamblers. If it’s all going to be about affordability and sustainability and retaining these moderate long-term spenders then bingo isn’t going to be absolutely ideal for that.

The podcast then moved on to talk about industry consolidation and the homogenisation of bingo platforms.

Dan Phillipps:

I can remember use feedback saying that all the sites look the same…all the Dragonfish sites look similar, all the Playtech sites look similar…are consumers aware that the industry is shrinking or are they just happy with in their own community and are kind of oblivious.

Sue Dawson

Well, we have done very well out of people looking specifically for Dragonfish sites. So they do know they’re all the same and they love them.

Dan Philipps:

But is it harder to cross-sell or to drag them away or do they play every where?

Sue Dawson

I think they play everywhere as well but there are people specifically searching for Dragonfish sites who rank really highly. We get insane click through rates on that, we send players to all sorts of places every month.

There’s going to be an experiment in putting a live video feed in one of the Dragonfish bingo rooms – the Dragonfish product is so behind the times so this is a completely amazing thing to do. If they can really get things like that working the whole industry is going to have work do to…

Watch the whole episode below.

Dale Shelabarger

Dale Shelabarger

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