FTD Digital Declared OMG Affiliates’ Top Performer

Award-winning program, OMG Affiliates has announced that FTD Digital is its top performer following a recent collaboration between the two companies.

FTD Digital ecently signed up with OMG Affiliates as part of our continued search for exciting online partners. And in a very short space of time, BNBS and WDW Bingo have risen to become OMG’s top performing affiliates by some distance.

Owned by Vita Media Group, OMG Affiliates is an innovative new company that won the Rising Star gong at the prestigious iGB Affiliate Awards 2022. It was also one the shortlist for Best Affiliate Program.

Earlier this month, Sue Dawson had a sit-down with OMGs’ Affiliate Executive Jelena Naumceska. As well as our successful collaboration, the two talked about OMG’s company ethos, future expansion and affiliate research strategies. Here are some extracts.

JN – We are very happy when we get an instant connection with a new affiliate, and when that affiliate becomes very easily our top performing one. That thing happened between the OMG Affiliates and FTD Digital, a perfect fit that yielded excellent results.

Jelena has the pleasure of sitting down with Sue Dawson, FTD Digital’s Head of Content & Editor. FTD Digital is an award-winning affiliate, having been crowned as Bingo Affiliate of the Year at the EGR Operator Awards ‘21, and we’re thrilled that we got to share the stage with them at this year’s iGB Affiliate Awards ‘22.

What do you think makes OMG better than the competition?

SD – We constantly do a thorough analysis of our partners’ requirements, and we strive to be a partner they can trust and rely on… we are committed to going above and beyond to offer them the finest affiliate experience possible.

Congratulations on winning the Rising Star award at the iGB Affiliate awards. How did it make you feel?

JN – Proud and very happy. It’s a celebration of our passion and above and beyond commitment as a team, as well as a great motivation for future improvement.

SD – What is the thing that affiliates do that annoys you the most?

JN – Unresponsiveness. In my opinion, we should all be able to respond once we are contacted…You, on the other hand, are the perfect example of how an affiliate should be, as responsive and open to new ideas as possible.

SD – And what is the thing that affiliates do that impresses you the most?

JN – Collaboration at its highest level. We prefer for all affiliates to be as open, accessible, and cooperative as possible so that we can quickly figure out how to obtain the best outcomes for both parties.

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