An Affiliate’s Perspective – Sue Dawson Pens Featured Article for iGB Affiliate

Sue Dawson Offers Highlights the Importance of Operator-Affiliate Trust in Features Article for IGB Affiliate.

21st April 2023

Thought leadership is becoming something of a habit here at FTD Digital! As well as a talented creative team, we’re also graced with eloquent industry experts such as Harrison Score and Sue Dawson.

Sue recently penned an article on the importance of trust and communication between affiliates and operators – definitely a pertinent subject in these turbulent times.

We’re proud to announce that the piece got top billing on the highly-respected iGB Affiliate website while also featuring prominently in its newsletter.

You can read the article here:

Dale Shelabarger

Dale Shelabarger

Dale is a freelance contributor who takes a particular interest in slot mechanics and development. This is driven by an enthusiasm for console and multiplayer gaming which enables him to provide insights into the presentation and playability of online slot games. Outside of work, his interests extend to reading, online marketing and rugby.