Supporting Safer Gambling Week 2022

Safer Gambling Week 2022 has begun with people from across iGaming showing their continued support for responsible gambling.

21st April 2023

Over the next few days, FTD Digital, along with hundreds of online operators and land-based venues will be sending out safer gambling messages in the hope of sparking a nationwide conversation about responsible betting.

What is Safer Gambling Week?

Currently in its fifth iteration, Safer Gambling Week has become an important tool for promoting gambling support that’s available to people, as well as enabling operators to engage directly with their customers.

The event is supported by the UK’s four main gaming associations: The Betting and Gaming Council Bacta, the Lotteries Council and the Bingo Association.

Organisers hope to build on the success of 2021 Safer Gambling Week, which attracted more than 24 million social media impressions (a 16% increase from 2020). Visitor sessions on the Safer Gambling Week website also increased by a massive 79%.

The effectiveness of the Safer Gambling initiative is having a positive impact on the awareness of responsible gaming tools. Figures show a 17% rise among users who were familiar with tools such as deposit limits.

In addition, the national problem gambling rate has fallen to 0.2%, down from 0.3% in February and 0.4% the previous year. This is according to data supplied by the UK Gambling Commission.

Be sure to visit the Safer Gambling website!

Dale Shelabarger

Dale Shelabarger

Dale is a freelance contributor who takes a particular interest in slot mechanics and development. This is driven by an enthusiasm for console and multiplayer gaming which enables him to provide insights into the presentation and playability of online slot games. Outside of work, his interests extend to reading, online marketing and rugby.