What are Online Bingo Jackpots? A Primer for the Desperate

Posted on 21 April 2023

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If you’ve arrived here desperately seeking a solution to one of the most baffling conundrums of our age, then you’re in luck. To help you garner a better understanding of this maddening riddle, we’ve put together an uncertain appraisal of the different types of online bingo jackpots currently available. So hold tight. It’s going to be revelatory.

Let’s start at the beginning. An online bingo jackpot is a large prize given to somebody who plays online bingo……alright enough with the sarcasm. Actually there exists a variety of online bingo jackpots, some of which deviate from the bonanzas offered by other gambling games. Here’s a run-down.

Standard Bingo Jackpots

Standard jackpots vary according to type. In games of 90-ball bingo they’re awarded to the player who manages a full-house. For 75-ball variants, the jackpot is won by the player who generates a pre-specified pattern or manages to achieve a coverall, by ‘covering’ his entire ticket. Because of the decidedly low odds of these events occurring, the jackpots are often quite large. However, they’re size is determined by the number of tickets sold as well as the price at which they’re peddled.

Guaranteed Bingo Jackpot

Bingo games featuring a guaranteed jackpot have a predetermined fixed prize that’s not generated by ticket sales. Nevertheless, they tend to be rather generous with certain variants featuring windfalls of up to £10,000.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are where it’s at for many bingo players because the rewards can be pretty substantial, although not quite as substantial as many progressive slot games. But as with their casino counterparts, jackpots are often pooled from player funds and slowly increase until somebody strikes it lucky.

To get the ball rolling as it were, most bingo operators deposit a minimum ‘seed’ amount which gets re-added once the jackpot is claimed. In order to win, players are usually required to get a full house or pattern before a certain number of bingo calls.

Community Bingo Jackpots

Community bingo jackpots are available with 1TG, 2TG and 3TG bingo games. For those of you unfamiliar with this terminology, the aforementioned acronyms refer to the number of remaining squares that a bingo player needs to fill to win a game. Prizes are distributed in descending order with the ‘one-to-go-position’ receiving the biggest payout.

Many progressive bingo games also include this kind of arrangement which may seem terribly exciting for the uninitiated. Sadly, these watered-down winnings are often molecular in size. There are of course exceptions to this rule…every now and then.

Sliding Jackpots

A sliding jackpot starts at a pre-specified figure but decreases after a certain number of calls. From then on it continues to drop following each call until somebody wins. Although these types of games certainly add a sense of urgency, they’re not especially popular among punters, many of whom prefer to try their hand at bingo games with larger prizes – go figure.

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